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The Swiss Space Office of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation (SERI/SSO) has initiated the second Call for Ideas to foster low Technology Readiness Level (typically TRL 1-2) research and development studies related to space activities. Issued for the second time after 2013, the objective of this Call was to identify and demonstrate disruptive space innovations based on ideas or concepts with the aim to spur on ideas towards innovative products, developing niche sectors in Switzerland.

Full text of the Call for proposals with all the annexes

The "Call for Ideas 2015" has been issued in March-April 2015. Five studies have been selected for funding. The studies have been completed in November 2015.

Intellectual property created in the studies remains with the proposers, and they temselves how much information on the project and the achievements are made publicly available. On the CfI-2015 Results page, some of the studies are presented.

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