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Activities funded under the MdP Call 2014 with involved entities

For the third time, the SERI/SSO issued a Call for proposals “To foster and promote Swiss scientific and technological competences related to space activities”. At the deadline for proposals submission, on April 18th, 2014, no less than 30 new activities were received, originating from all over Switzerland.


After the review process, 10 activities were selected for funding. They started officially on November 1st 2014 and will be concluded on January 31st 2016. The list of on-going projects with the partners involved (industrial and academic) can be found here below.


The projects are completed. Follow this link for more info on results achieved.

Title Academic Partners
Industrial Partners  
Carbon-fiber heat-pipe for spacecraft thermal control EPFL-LMAF IcoFlex  
Lightweight Deployable Solar Array   EMPA   APCO Technologies  
Hybrid lightweight and flexible circuit boards (FCBs) for satellites and space (hybSat) CSEM   HighTEC  
Artificial Muscles for Reconfigurable Millimeter-wave Antennas EPFL-LEMA EPFL-LMTS ViaSat  
AD-Converter with PLL for Space Applications (ADULA)  USI-ALaRI Saphyrion
Improvement of GNSS kinematic positioning with low-cost receiver clocks (GNSS-LoC)    ETHZ Spectratime
Mid-infrared Antennas and Graphene Detectors Arrays
EMPA   Micos
Phase unwrapping Parallel Accelerator (PUPAx)
USI-ICS   Sarmap
Miniature high-speed magnetic bearing inertia wheel for small satellites   ETHZ-PES   Celeroton  
Thin-Walled Composite Structures with Improved Damping Properties by using Natural fibre composites and thin ply carbon fibre technology (TWiCDamp)
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