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Swiss industries are particularly active in the space sector. Specialists in a broad range of activities covering fairings, structures, ground support equipments, electronics, sensors, tiny but extremely reliable mechanisms, atomic clocks, etc..., are spread over all Switzerland and employ highly skilled engineers, physicists, and managers.

Several of the most important Swiss actors in the space industry and academia have joined the Swiss Space Center.

For an industry, the Swiss Space Center is a privileged point of contact when it comes to establishing and fostering R&D space activities. Among the main benefits for a new partner to join the Swiss Space Center, one should mention:

  • Rapid access to EPFL R&D labs and infrastructures
  • Information about space projects run at EPFL, ETH Zürich and academic labs working in the field
  • Identification and suggestion of possible synergies between academic labs and the partner
  • Simplification of the administrative process to start new activities

Detailed information is given below on the following topics:

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